“I’ve always thought of accessories as the exclamation point of a woman’s outfit” – Michael Kors. 

Accessories – the items that you add to a new dress, suit or whatever it is you may be wearing to enhance its appearance. They come in the form of shoes, handbags, hats, scarves, gloves, jewellery, sunglasses, and belts. There is a lot of choice out there, and most stores will be able to offer you a full range of whichever type of accessory you’d like to add.

Thinking about it though, once you have an outfit, for example; a dress, shoes and a bag, is there really a necessity to add more to it?

The obvious answer is ‘no’. To be truthful, we don’t really ‘need’ any of it. Maybe you have outfits of your own tucked away in your wardrobe which you bring out on different occasions, and once worn, they’re closeted away again until the next time.

But how do you feel when you are wearing them? Only ok? A little safe or dated? Does it feel like something is missing?

Now, this is where some great accessories will make a huge difference. Imagine a simple white dress. It’s a really versatile item to wear on hot summer days, and can be brought out year after year. It’s cool, fresh and looks great in the sun. By adding some accessories, your dress can be given several different ‘vibes’ depending on what you add.

The image above is a really good example of what can be achieved without too much effort. Adding tan accessories to white, I think, always upscales an outfit.

By also introducing a little colour as they have done here in the shoes, you could pick out that colour with a fabulous pair of earrings or a bracelet.

Instead of the tan accessories add a floppy hat, a long beaded necklace with tassels (shown below) and plenty of bangles, giving it a ‘boho’ feel.

One or two black accessories – elegant, chic and perfect for evening! Lots of different choices with just one dress.

Jeans and a plain t-shirt are easily taken to the next level by adding statement jewellery and one or two other accessories. You instantly make the outfit look far more interesting, and you are dressed ready for lunch, shopping, or to go sightseeing in a city.

So, going back to the question ‘are accessories really necessary?’ Personally I would say yes, definitely! You get so much more mileage out of a simple outfit by investing in a range of accessories giving it a new lease of life or function. Your accessories form part of, and update, your wardrobe instantly and may very well save you money on clothes…and storage!

And for the question ‘how do you feel when wearing it?’ Stylish? Confident? Fabulous? Hopefully all three!